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First Challenge: Summer

Welcome to the Figure Skating Flashfiction Challenge!

The theme is:


How it works:

  • Post a prompt based on the theme. You can interpret the theme as loosely or as strictly as you want- prompts about Johnny and Evan accidentally running into each other at a nude beach and about Yu-na and Adam trolling everyone on tour are more than welcome. Prompts can be posted both logged-in and anonymously.

  • Write a fill based on the prompt. Fills can be posted both logged-in and anonymously. We ask that if you choose to repost your fic in your journal, wait until the challenge is over.

  • Please don’t post WIPs. If you do post an incomplete or chaptered fic, finish posting it before the writing period is over.

  • While the challenge is geared primarily towards fic, artists are more than welcome to participate! Prompters may ask specifically for art in their prompts if they so choose. Artists must follow all other challenge rules.

  • Please observe all the rules in the profile!

  • When you post your fic:

  • Trigger warning policy, borrowed from skatingkink: For ease of archiving as well as courtesy to other readers/authors, please put trigger warnings for major issues (rape/noncon, dubcon, violence/gore, bdsm/kink/injury during sex, eating disorders, self-injury, suicide, miscarriage/abortion/forced pregnancy, incest, underage characters) as part of the subject line of your fics when you post them.

  • When you fill a prompt, comment "PROMPT FILLED" in the subject line, along with the title, pairing, and relevant trigger warnings.

  • Timeline:

  • Prompts will be open from Friday, July 16th, to Sunday, July 18th. While writers may post fills during the prompting period, this is the only time to post prompts.

  • After that, writers will have from Monday, July 17th, to Monday, July 24th, to write fills of the prompts. No new prompts can be posted during this time.

  • No new fics may be posted after the end of the challenge. The point of this challenge is to write quickly! Apologies.

  • Promotion:

  • If you would like to promote this comm elsewhere, several banners and HTML are available here!

  • Get prompting and writing, and most importantly, have fun, everyone!

    Help us advertise!

    Please help us promote this challenge! Banners and HTML are under the cut. Just copy the code from below the picture, and you're good to go.

    Johnny, Yu-na, Meryl, and Charlie under the cut!Collapse )


    Welcome to FS_Exchange, the Figure Skating Flashfic Challenge Community!

    Please use this post to ask the mods any questions or have any off-topic discussions from the main post. Have fun, everyone!


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